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Dr. Zybutz was born in Durban, South Africa. he acquired his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Calgary in 1995.
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We provide help to the “TOUGH CASES”. Dr. Zybutz has over a decade of experience in helping people get out of pain. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible as you consider taking these important steps.

We use Myovision technology in addition to orthopaedic and neurological tests to help you qualify for the right kind of treatment because we care about your health.


Dr. Zybutz | Dr. Gorman

Dr. Daniel Zybutz

Dr. Zybutz was born in Durban, South Africa. He acquired his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Calgary in 1995. Shortly after, he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa USA and graduated in 1999. Dr. Zybutz then went to London, England, where he practiced for one year from 1999-2000, and then came back to Vancouver, BC. He has been practicing in Vancouver, BC since August 2001.

He is a public speaker to national corporations on chiropractic and the workplace, as well as spearheaded a campaign to form an association geared towards leading chiropractic into playing a larger role in wellness and prevention.

Dr. Zybutz was Elected Director of the Lower Mainland for the British Columbia College of Chiropractors in 2003 and continues to serve today.





Dr. Gorman holds licenses for chiropractic in the state of California, Alberta, and most recently British Columbia. She graduated from the University of Calgary in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science with distinction prior to attending Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon at Western States Chiropractic.

After graduating summa cum laude in 1997 she began her chiropractic career in Calgary, Alberta. Over the eight years of practice in Alberta she headed up a multi-disciplinary practice that included chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, physiotherapy, and sports therapy. This main practice was complimented by satellite practices on the property of Foothills Hospital and at Advanced Health Physiotherapy. As part of her continuing education she included Active Release Technique for the spine, upper body, and lower body. 

Dr. Gorman’s commitment to prevention led her to become a certified Injury Prevention Specialist with Back Safe from Santa Barbara ( ). The company specifically provides customized bionomic programs for corporations. Bionomics is a field within ergonomics that includes behavioral science, biomechanics, posture, and vocationally based stretching. The focus is on proper management of the body rather than the physical environment. Dr. Gorman personally worked with Air Canada, Pepsi Bottling Group, Hostess Frito-Lay, and Wells Fargo. Dr. Gorman is available to bring bionomics to corporations

The chiropractic profession relies on education as a form of prevention. As a result, Dr. Gorman developed and delivered “Basic Office Ergonomics” for Bow Valley College in Calgary from 1999-2005. After being sought out to provide a lunch and learn lecture for the City of Calgary Dr. Gorman created “Sleep Well”. It’s value led to the endorsement by a sleep expert in Calgary for his patients.

Dr. Gorman’s family relocated to San Diego, California in 2006. While waiting to process her chiropractic license she obtained a position at Veterans Affairs (affiliation with University of California San Diego) where she had the privilege of doing research with leading scientists in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders, startle reactivity, cardiology, and genetics. The experience of working directly with active US Marines was unparalleled and Dr. Gorman acquired a new appreciation for the mind-body connection of healthcare. 

Another family relocation brought Dr. Gorman to Vancouver in 2009. At this time she provided consultant work for The Pain Clinic at St. Paul’s Hospital. She was also instrumental in the launch of

Dr. Gorman joined Life Chiropractic in the spring of 2011 to continue her practice of Chiropractic and Wellness. One of Dr. Gorman’s greatest accomplishments has been her blended family. Along with her husband, Dr. Chris Gorman MD, they have launched 3 children (step-children to Dr. Gorman) into professional careers and are raising their eleven-year-old son.